Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taylor Swift Fashion!

Hi. (wow, that sounded really dumb.) I forgot to do a post on, Sunday post is here! I decided to do a fashion post on one of my favorite singers, Taylor Swift! :) I love her vintage style and her choice of colors. We have the same coloring, so I can take color ideas from her! :) Here we go!

(sorry about the blurry picture!)
This is so cute! I never thought about layering a dress over a skirt, but here you go! The cream lace is gorgeous. :) And, I love 3/4 sleeves!
Ooh, pretty! I wouldn't wear the dress, just because it's a lil' short, but it would be adorable with leggings! I'm not usually a huge fan of this gold color, but she can pull it off! What a FEARLESS combination!

Once again, the length of the skirt, but wouldn't it be totally adorable with leggings?? And, the sweater is very cute. Navy and gold are very chic! And, by the way, I MISS her curly hair....

That. Is. Cute. Can you imagine with some hot pink leggings? Or colored jeans? Adorable. And, I am a major fan of those shoes. Just sayin'.

Okay, this is a dress I would totally buy. But, I'm guessing that it probably cost hundreds of I'm not buying it today, y'all! ;) Navy, white, and red...what a perfect combination! This is just so "sailor chic." We could call her Sailor Taylor! :) Love, love, love this piece.
Sorry for all the random pics with random people! ;) I think this outfit would be SO cute with some black leggings under the skirt! (yes, I add leggings to everything!) Modesty issues with Taylor are almost all that the skirts are too short! I would wear most of her outfits...with leggings!

Oh my goodness....those first two are SO cute! Especially the second one...:) I'm not really sure what's going on in the third pic with the front of Tay's dress, but it's pretty from the side!

This. Is. Cute. And. Modest! Navy is gorgeous on her!! It's kind of ironic that she's standing in front of a "RED" background, and she's wearing blue! :)
COWGIRL!! Oh my goodness, I want that shirt! And that purse...and that hat...and those boots too! She looks so....incredibly....cute.

This is an adorable Keds ad! Taylor went with the reverse of the shoes dress! It's just so...adorable. Can you imagine that dress with RED capri leggings?? (I must be going crazy, I've added leggings to everything!) That's all you would need to make this dress modest!

If you want me to do a Taylor Swift fashion post (part 2!) SPEAK NOW or forever hold your peace!

~Digging T-Swizzle's fashion!


  1. Yes, I want you to do a Part 2!!!!!

  2. I HAVE THOSE KEDS!!! I wear them ALL THE TIME!!! I really want a dress like hers though.