Monday, March 24, 2014

British Fashion-Mid 1900s

Hello all! So, I've posted fashion from Downton Abbey before, which I absolutely love.

Have any of you ever seen Call the Midwife? It is also a BBC historical drama. I love it so much. It isn't for everyone, as it has some less than pretty births and medical conditions. Our family has a very medical background, so we all love this show.

So, I thought that I would do a fashion post. It is set in the late 1950s-60s, so there are some wonderful outfits. Let's go!

A good portion of the time, they are not in their nursing outfits, and they have the CUTEST clothes. Quite often they involve cardigans and vintage dresses. I love this style.

I love the simple blue dresses and red cardigans. They look so adorably clean cut and simple. And the thing I love most...............

THE HAIR AND MAKEUP! They have short, curly hairstyles that are pinned up beautifully. The makeup is simple and very natural with just a dab of lipstick. They look gorgeous and naturally beautiful.

Those lovely skirts and dresses and cardigans again.......the styles were just the best back then! I think I was born in the wrong era. ;)

What's your favorite time period of fashion? Seen any other BBC shows that you just LOVE?

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  1. I absolutely ADORE the fashion. My mom watches this show, but I haven't been brave enough to watch it with her XD