Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Has {almost} Sprung!

Wow....was it March the last time I posted? I need to keep up with this blog better...sorry, everyone! I'm back!! :) Today was about 70 degrees and beautiful! I love the weather we're having here!! I decided that since it was so nice outside today and I had time (and I just did my laundry!) I would pick a new favorite outfit and wear it and take some pictures! Here we go, Fashionistas!! (and I am so sorry I've been AWOL!)

 Here I am wearing my pink lace shirt! I like this one because it has a plain, lined back, which makes it more modest. The lace is soft and not scratchy at all! :) (the best kind, right??)
 Yes, I got braces about 2 months ago! (actually, I have no idea if anyone noticed, so I'm pretending you noticed!) :P I like the pink lace over the black tanktop. It sort of adds another dimension to the outfit.
 I would totally be wearing capris if it hadn't looked gloomy outside this morning....I thought it was cold, but apparently it wasn't!! ;)
 These are my absolute favorite jeans! They are a dark wash with a lighter wash on the thighs. They have white stitching which is really a cool contrast to the dark jean.
 Ah yes....some of my favorite shoes! I love flip-flops...add pink ruffles, and I'm totally happy! :)
 For some reason, I just started to love key necklaces! My Grandma gave me this for Christmas! (thanks, Grandma!!) :) Also, you can see a little of the pink lace detail on my shirt.

Shirt: Kohl's-$11
Tank: Mom's Closet! :)
Jeans: Rue 21-$15
Necklace: Kohl's (gift)
Headband: Who knows where!
Shoes: Charming Charlie-$3

Well, it was good to write again on this blog! I am going to try to do every other week! I might do better with that....I really will try! Promise! :)


  1. Really cute outfit girlie! You look so beautiful (as always) ;) Everything matches and looks so great together! And that die for! :)

    Blessings, Prim

    1. Thanks, Prim! :) Go to your local Kohl's and you just may find that shirt! :)

  2. Ooh!! Love the outfit! You fit in your mom's clothes??? Thats really cool. Good idea about the post once a week thing! I should really try to do that as well. I also like key necklaces. You should have Noah back on sometime!!! He had a really good opinion!!! :)

    1. No, I don't fit into my mom's clothes, but this was a really small tank! :) I wish I could, though!!