Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Makeover and Billboard Music Awards!

Hi guys! :) In case you haven't noticed....I gave my blog a makeover! I'd been wanting to do this for a while, and I finally did! What do you think? There's a poll at the bottom of the page about my new theme!

So....last night was the BBMA's! And....Taylor Swift took home 8 of the 11 awards she was nominated for! Just sayin'! :) Her 8 awards included....Top Album of the Year, Top Artist, Top Country Artist, and Top Country Song! Nice job, Taylor! Even though she won a lot, I can't say much for her dress. Maybe that's because there wasn't much of it there. It was relatively modest up top, but WAY too short! The color was a royal blue, and looked nice on her, though!

Are you up for a little fashion post? :)

GACK!! Miley Cyrus, what have you done???? The bad! I guess she went to the same place to get her outfit where she got her hair done....
Ed Sheeran chose a comfy T-shirt and jeans and tennies to suits for him! I wonder how much hairspray it took to get his hair looking just like he rolled out of bed...

Okay, this is her dress from 2012, but I couldn't find her 2013 dress! This is certainly a...whimsical dress, to say the least! A bit...foofy for my tastes, perhaps. Although, Carrie Underwood does look like a princess!

Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry is almost 30? Wow...Reid needs a serious haircut. Like, dude....Kimberly's dress is a bit revealing on top, but with backed lace, it would be pretty.

Hayden Panettiere....I'll forever remember you as Gen from Ice Princess! This is a nice, modest dress! Black is a good color for her, and I like the ruffles up top. It's not clingy but not too loose!
 carly rae jepsen billboard music awards 2013 worst dressed photo gallery
Wow....I'd say that "Call Me Maybe" star Carly Rae Jepsen better ask the fashion police to give her a call! Nobody wants to see your belly button, dear.

Ummm....Ke$ha....I think someone forgot to buy you a dress, so you're stuck wearing a curtain! Ick!

Amber Rose definitely borrowed some of that curtain material from Ke$ha. Wow. It looks like somebody took some sheer black cloth and threw it on her. Hmm..

Chloe Moretz just came from "Textiles R Us". I think she ran out of one kind of fabric, so she decided to paste some other fabric on there, and so on! That's one...ugly outfit.
Chris Brown, the Bill Cosby sweater only works on him. I think you missed that memo.

Well....hope you like the new blog! Ciao, y'all! ;)

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  1. Haha! The bill Cosby sweater. That's a good one! I don't like any of them except for Carrie Underwood's dress. Miley looks.....really bad. I feel bad for her. :) Love the post!