Sunday, June 23, 2013

My New Skirt!

Guys!! Can you imagine it? I'm actually doing a post when I said I will! ;) Ahh....the benefits of waking up earlier on Sunday morning! This is my outfit that I wore to church last night!
My Grandma actually made me this skirt. Can you believe it?? She's amazing!!! If she had an actual business, which she should (!!), I would give her 5 star rating! She sewed this for me in...oh...about a week! We went to JoAnn's together to pick out the pattern and then she just worked magic! It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but it's a light grey floral pattern.

My hair looks strawberry blonde in this picture because of the sunset, but it's not! I promise I didn't dye it! Then I'd have to call my blog "Strawberry Blonderings" which just wouldn't work as well. :P

I've had a few people ask me why I dress up a little for church. Even though our Saturday night church is pretty casual, my family still dresses up. Why?

We don't do this to judge anyone and I'm not saying that wearing shorts to church is wrong. We just believe that it is honoring and respectful to the Lord to dress up. It also sets apart the day we honor the Lord. In our family, Saturday, instead of the usual Sunday, is the Lord's day.

I love you guys! What's your opinion on dressing nicely for church?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 2010 Grammy Awards!

Here we are with another Grammy post! I'll get someone to take pictures of me in my new skirt today, and then I'll post photos tomorrow, okay? :) Happy summer!

Miss Rihanna is actually wearing white! Every picture I've seen of her shows her in a darker color! White looks good with her dark skin, but this is not my fave dress. It looks like she's wearing a feather boa up top! I like the drape of the skirt, though, but the top needs to be simple and classy to match the skirt.
ACK! Lady Gaga, what is going on here?? it looks like a huge ball of sparkly, purple twine exploded and formed a dress. The shoes are NOT to die for, which is a bummer since she will probably die walking in them! I like the sheer, beaded sleeves, but not on this dress! And her hair is actually....yellow.

Haha, Miley Cyrus's "deer in the headlights" look!! This grey dress is WAY too short! I don't understand the slitted, sectioned form of the dress either. But her clutch is cute!
Okay, I don't know who this is, but this is a CUTE dress! I love the teal color, and it is actually....modest!! She looks nice, innocent, and beautiful. Hats off to her, whoever she is!!

Okay, I think this dress would look better in a different color. I like the feminine cut of it, but the color blends with her skin tone a bit too much. Perhaps a cut down on the sparkles. But Katy Perry's hair is actually normal colored! Imagine that!
Oh....Miss Shaila Durcal! This dress is very....bright. The color of purple is a bit unsophisticated for a Grammy dress, as are the brightly colored accents. The bodice of it is too wide, making a skinny woman look large! The skirt hangs a bit too loose. Not my favorite at all!

I love this color purple on Zooey Deschanel! It's beautiful! The draped off the shoulder is pretty, but the sweetheart neckline needs to be higher. The flowered skirt is pretty, but perhaps a bit juvenile compared to the sophisticated top.

See you all tomorrow! :)