Monday, December 17, 2012

The Very Inspiring Blog Award!

Thank you very much to July A. Emmance for nominating me for this award! It means so much to me!!
Rule 1: Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Thank you July A. Emmance! :)

Rule 2: Place the award on your site. it is!

Rule 3: Share 7 random things about yourself.

1.I love to bake! It's like, the best thing in the world.2. My room is LIME green!3. My best friend has the same name as me...4. I was born with a hole in my heart! (but I'm okay now!!)
5.Fashion designing and writing are two of my fave things to do. Ever. :)6. I have an obsession with reading. Especially with reading good books. :)7. I like fuzzy pajama pants. ;)

Rule 4: Nominate 15 blogs.  Let them know they've been nominated and how to accept the award.

Well I don't have 15 people but I'm nominating....

1. Primrose Jazmine
2. Kelli Taylor
3. Gabrielle @
4. Olivia
5. Heather Vogel Frederick

That's only 5, but those are the blogs I think are most deserving!!! 

Tomorrow I will be posting a post (duh, what else is it called??) ;) about baking and Christmas! :) Speaking of which..CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: 8 days!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

**Fashion** :)

Hello, y'all! Ya know, a lot of the time I'll say, "Post Coming Tomorrow!" and totally not know what tomorrow will be like. And that is most definitely what happened the other day. My whole time in Michigan was CRAZYY and I didn't have time to post! :P I decided to update you a little on fashion with a segment I will call............................

                                                             FASHION POLICE!!
The fashion police are here to help you with your outfit. They'll inform you on what the latest trends are, how to make popular things modest, and what not to wear! :) I'm really excited to start this. I will be using mostly fashions from Polyvore, for ease of showing them to you! So...let's get started!

First of all, here is a style that is trending. It's called.....Cowgirl! :) This is a pretty easy one to make modest, because jeans, so long as they aren't skintight, are pretty modest. And cowgirl shirts, easily modest with camis.'s one I created!
You have your plaid cowgirl shirt, with your dark jeans. To add a touch of more cowgirl, I added the hat, the boots, the horseshoe earrings,the Navajo bag with fringe, and the western bracelet. For makeup, I went with a natural light brown with just a touch of mascara. Finally, for the hair, to add flair to the typical braids, I did two fishtail braids.

Next, you have a lovely fall or spring outfit with lots of color! Outfits with dark bottoms and colorful tops are most definitely trending right now. This outfit can be done with either of the 4 shoes I show. You can use the pink Converse tennies, the pink ballet flats, pink sandals, or pink suede boots. i went with a black lacy butterfly scarf to tie in the dark bottom with the bright top. The accessories are all matching and contrasting with the colors!

Next outfit is a vintage dress. Vintage is at the top of the fashion charts these days. It's popping up everywhere! Classic and vintage have become the style now. I love them, because they are modest, and if not, can easily be made modest! They show true feminine beauty.
This outfit has a checked dress with an offset collar with three black buttons. It is simply gathered at the waist to slim down. It comes with a light pink cardigan to add a little soft color to the dress. It comes with a pink oval necklace, pink high heels, pink aviator sunglasses (for a touch of modern with the vintage), a pink clutch for a night at the theatre, pink flower earrings, a pink sapphire ring, and then, a simply dramatic black rose bracelet.

That's all I will do for now, because I need to go get ready to go to my Grandma's house to decorate a gingerbread house with my brother! (who cares if we're both teenagers! It's fun!!) See you in a few days with a new fashion police post. And now, 10/4 from the police. :)