Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Les Miserables Fashion!

Ya know, that title really isn't good...It sounds like I'm talking about "miserable" fashion. :) Instead, I'm talking about fashion from the Les Miserables premiere! :) So...shall we go?

*GACK* *SPUTTER* Woah. Trashbag....or trash bag chic? I vote trash bag...It looks like Anne Hathaway has turned to an all black ensemble with dark red lipstick. The dress wouldn't be so horrible if it...well...oh, never mind. It really is bad....I like her shoes, though! ;)

I like her after party dress MUCH better! The pink is so pretty with her skin. Thankfully, she wiped off that dreadful lipstick!! This dress is plain and simple, but pretty!

That skirt, well, is Ahmazing. The rest of the dress? Hmm. The top either looks like the guts of a clock, or a bad couch! But, isn't her hair cool? I wish I had a stylist! Oh wait....I do! (thanks, Mama!) I'd say, ditch the belt, add a simple pink or aqua top to that dress instead of the gold, and lay off the eyeliner!

As with Anne, I like Amanda's after-party dress better! She looks so good in this dusky purple color! And I like the backed lattice on the front. The ruffles on the shoulders are pretty too! And blinker curls? Oh, yes!

Hmm...Samantha Barks' after party dress would be pretty if she added fabric to the cutout! All it does is show unnecessary skin. (and I think it's truly ugly!) I won't post her premiere dress because of modesty issues!

She really is a kooky lady in real life! Perfect for Mme. Thenardier! I am dearly afraid that if Helena Bonham Carter takes one more step, the front of her dress WILL fall. Not a flattering piece of fabric.

Isabelle Allen looks so cute! That peach/apricot color is beautiful on her! Ruffly sleeves...totally cute! :) Add a little sparkle, and there you have it! :)

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe...posing for a picture? Why isn't Valjean being arrested by Javert?? Oh yeah....this is real life! ;) I like Mr. Jackman's bowtie better than Crowe's because it is lower profile! Oh, and Mr. Crowe, please stick with a goatee!

Eddie Redmayne's rockin' it there in a dark blue suit! Way to be different! Man, he looks skinny....

Well, how has your week been? In a few days....I have a photography post all queued up to show you! :)

Bon Voyage, readers!

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  1. These are awesome! Yes I think Anne's first dress looks like a trash bag. Eddie's picture wont show up on my computer! Oh no!!! :) Its ok! Ill be able to see it later. Isabelle looks so CUTE!!!! She is ADORABLE!