Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Writing Update...

Guys...I've been inspired. For a while, I had major writer's block. But now....it's gone! The creative juices are flowing!

Here are some stats:

Chapters: 11 and a half
Lines: 1,624
Paragraphs: 577
Characters (no spaces): 79,804
Characters (with spaces): 98,452

And last, but not least....the pages and word count!

 This is only the beginning! This is my baby! This....is my....NOVEL! I have just begun the story. The end is nowhere in sight, and it is already longer than ANYTHING I've ever written! :)

Someday, when it's finished, I hope to get it published! But for now, I'll just keep writing!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Violets and Daisies Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award! (and the Liebster Award!)

Thank you to Aimeebob over at http://aimeesprincesscorner.blogspot.com/ for nominating me for the "Violets and Daisies" award! Much appreciated. :)

1. If you could have any flower pen name what would it be?

                                        Violet. And not just because it was in the title and totally obvious, but because that's what I'd pick anyway. :P

2. What is your favorite Bible verse?

                                      Jeremiah 29:11. :)
3. Which blogs inspire you the most?

............................................Fresh Modesty, Fashionable Inspirations, She Learns as She Goes, Aspirations: Aspiring to Inspire, and Heather Vogel Frederick's blog! :) (you too, Aimeebob, but I didn't send the award back, since you sent it to me!) :)

4. If you and your friends could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

                                                           Paris or the Bahamas. Preferably both.
5. Nominate 5 blogs!

Look at my answer to question 3. Y'all are nominated! ;)

Now for...................................The Liebster Award!

Thank you to Emma over at http://www.bookworm716.blogspot.com/ for this one! :)

11 (slightly obscure) facts about myself:
 1. My room is painted LIME green.
2. I have a neurotic dog (yorkie-poo) named Linus.
3. I go to Saturday night church!
4. I like dissecting things. (call me morbid) ;)
5. I really love animals....no REALLY! It's just that dissecting them is really cool too.
6. I'm homeschooled and loving it! (you might already know this, but whatever!)
7. I really want to be a pastry chef someday!
8. I'm reading Les Miserables right now! (700 pages to go!)
9. Summer is my favorite season!
10. I'm 4'11" and 3/4". In other words, I'm five feet tall. Round up!
11. I have an obsession with shoes.

Nominate 11 bloggers: All the ones I nominated above...and anyone else who's reading this! :)

Now to answer Emma's questions that she asked:
1. If you could create a fragrance (perfume) what would it smell like?
Probably a mix of coconut, lime, pineapple, kiwi, and strawberry. In other words, fruity! :)
2. Do you fit any stereotypes?
Umm....not really! I'm kind of independent! :)
3. What color do you absolutely hate?
PUCE. Ick.
4. If you had to choose between boarding school and homeschool which would you pick?
HOMESCHOOL!!! Even if I am writing a story about boarding school!
5. Have you ever been out of the country?
Nope...Hawaii's the farthest I've been.
6. Is there any celebrity couple you "ship"?
One, I don't know what this means, and two, I don't keep up with pop culture! :P
7. Have you visited any site featured in a book?
LOTS! (I think!)
8. Can you speak more than three words/phrases of any other language?
Yup! Spanish, ASL, French, Hawaiian, German! (Spanish and ASL are the only ones I know more than three! :P)
9. Are you allergic to anything weird?
Latex! (thank goodness for cloth band-aids!)
10. What's your lucky number?
Don't have one! But my "blessed" number is 13! ;)
11. What song gets on your nerves most? (Gangnam Style, Baby, or Call Me Maybe)
For sure Gangnam Style. I actually like Call Me Maybe....I could do without "Baby" though.

Now to ask 11 questions!

1. What's your favorite song? (like, EVER!)
2. Have you ever been to any obscure travel location?
3. Who's your favorite singer?
4. Do you watch any old TV shows? (such as Columbo, Dick Van Dyke, I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, etc.)
5. What's your favorite nail polish color?
6. What's your favorite dessert?
7. Do you have a favorite item of clothing that you wear all the time?
8. If you could get any animal (real or fictional) what would it be?
9. What's your favorite activity?
10. Have you ever looked up 100 things to do in Target/Walmart and actually done any of them? (I have!)
11.Do you know what a "Liebster" is? (Like, this Liebster Award? I have no idea what it is...)

Okay!! There you all are! Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boarding School-Chapter 5!

You've all been waiting....so here it is! Chapter 5 of my boarding school story! So far, I've written nine chapters and 41 pages! I just keep forgetting to post...;) But here it is! I posted the last boarding school installment in January so if you've forgotten what happened, go to that post! Hope you enjoy...Chapter 5!

Chapter 5-Adjusting to Boarding School

“NOOOO!!!!” I cry when I look down at my suitcase, now devoid of my jeans and tee shirts. My roommate Izzi comes running over to me, a look of concern crossing her face.

“Piper, are you okay??” she asks, concern filling her voice. I open my suitcase and pitifully throw down the skirts and dresses that it now contains.
She pats my shoulder and says, “It’ll get better. I learned to get used to them.”

I just shake my head and sigh. My first night here at Welsh Creek is not going so well. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to have a roommate. Then I found out that I actually have 3! I’m sharing a quad with Izzi, a girl named Crissy, and Melissa from the bus. Crissy and Melissa are down at the cafeteria now, getting some dinner, but Izzi and I decided we weren’t hungry.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” I say quietly, and head toward a pink door. Inside, I place my toiletries in one of the four drawers. All the girls have painted their names on their drawer, and as a welcoming gift, my roommates painted my name on the empty drawer. I reluctantly pull off my remaining pair of pants, and pull a navy blue pleated skirt over my legs. I glance hesitantly down at my bony knees and groan.

“Are you okay in there?” Izzi asks. “Yeah, I’m fine! Just…I hate my knees!!” I open the door and walk back into the quad, and she glances quickly down at my legs.

“You look fine, Piper! Now come on! We have to go down to the cafeteria and eat dinner before the seminar starts!”

She grabs my arm and drags me out of our room and down a flight of stairs.

We step into the cafeteria and I suddenly realize how hungry I am. I smell Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food….and something burnt!

“Izzi, what is that horrible smell?” I pinch my nose as my nostrils are accosted by an acrid smell.

“Moxie is cooking…every week they pick two girls to help in the dessert station and Moxie isn’t the best cook,” she explains, “I think they’re going to ask her to be a TA.”

I wrinkle my nose and try and remember what TA means…Towel….T-t….Teacher’s Assistant? Yes!

While I’ve been puzzling this out, Izzi has left and moved over to the Chinese station. As I come up behind her, I hear snatches of what she’s saying to the girl next to her.

“…oddball, but she really is sweet! If you get to know her you’ll like her.  Just make her feel welcome!”

“Hey, Iz,” I say nonchalantly, as if I’ve heard nothing. She obviously can tell that I overheard what she said.

“Piper! I was just talking to Diana here. She’s in the dorm across the hall from us.”

“Hello there. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she says in a slight British accent. “Izzi and I were just talking about you. I hope Taylor doesn’t give you any trouble!”

I cock my head at Izzi, not understanding. “Who’s Taylor?” Diana puts a finger to her mouth shushing me.

“We’ll tell you at the table,” Izzi says softly.

After we get our food and sit down, I say again, “Who’s Taylor?”

Crissy’s eyes widen. “You mean the Taylor?” All the girls around the table gasp. I nod for Crissy to go on.
“Taylor is the queen bee of this school. In fact, she thinks she owns this school. Which is kind of true, actually. This school is named because of her father. He’s the one that thought up an all girl’s boarding school for the unrefined and the elite.”

I stop her. “Her father’s name is Welsh Creek?” Melissa, Crissy, Izzi, and Diana all burst out laughing.

“No silly!” Crissy laughs, “His name is Bromly Welsh, and the creek is named after him! And the creek is by the school, and he started the school! Taylor thinks she can be rude to all the teachers and boss them around…which is also true. They’re afraid to reprimand her! I suggest that you avoid her. Although it probably won’t do much good. She likes to think of new recruits as ‘fresh meat’.”

I should be shaking in my boots, but instead, I am thinking of a way to turn this fresh meat thing around!

“Is Taylor a really…prissy girl? Like your sister, Melissa?” She nods at me. “Well, then I think this just might work! Why don’t we view Taylor as fresh meat?”

I get a lot of blank stares. Four to be exact. “Has Taylor ever done anything mean to you?” Once again, they all nod at me. “Well, then this is revenge! Are you with me?”

Hesitantly, they all smile. As I realize what I’m doing, I think my mother was right to stick me in this school to reform me. Maybe I am a troublemaker….
“We have a new student with us today, and I expect you all to be nice to her! Her name is Piper Weber, and she will be in the 8th grade dorms if you would like to meet her! I hope you all have a wonderful night!” Miss Alexandra, our headmistress steps down from the podium and all the girls start chattering immediately.

“Wasn’t her suit just stunning?” Crissy says to us. Diana covers her mouth and does a little dance.

“The navy skirt and blazer went so well with her fair skin and her crystal blue eyes!” They all start to jabber about her makeup and her hair, and I feel lost.

“Don’t you think we better head to bed you guys?” I wink at them. Izzi smiles mischievously. Silently, we all head out of the auditorium and make our way to the cafeteria.

Just outside the doors, I turn around and start to go over our plan again. “Crissy, Melissa, and Diana, you all are going to get situated in your rooms. Diana, we’ll come knock on your door when we’re ready. While you guys act like you’re getting ready for bed, Izzi and I will meet up with Moxie and grab the burnt dessert, and the other supplies. We’ll meet you in our room when we’re done, then we’ll head to Taylor’s room. Got it?”

Everyone except for Diana looks excited. I look at her with a cocked eyebrow. “I just don’t know if this is such a good idea, girls!” I relish her accent as she goes on. “I don’t want to be getting into any trouble. Taylor’s never really done anything bad to us!”

Crissy stomps her foot at this. “Are you kidding me? She was the one who cut Izzi’s hair while she was sleeping!”

I look at Izzi’s pixie cut. Her red hair looks good short.

We all roll our eyes. “Don’t chicken out, Diana!”

Melissa sticks her fist out, the three of us follow suit. We look pleadingly at Diana, and she says, “Fine! But…I think I should get the key to Taylor’s room. I mean, I won’t be any use just sitting in my room.”
I don’t argue with her. As we all part ways, I feel no regret at doing this. It might just be fun.   

Until next time, everyone!! :) Do you want me to post more boarding school installments? Or do you find this boring? Thanks for supporting me and giving my your opinions! <3

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taylor Swift Fashion!

Hi. (wow, that sounded really dumb.) I forgot to do a post on Friday....so, Sunday post is here! I decided to do a fashion post on one of my favorite singers, Taylor Swift! :) I love her vintage style and her choice of colors. We have the same coloring, so I can take color ideas from her! :) Here we go!

(sorry about the blurry picture!)
This is so cute! I never thought about layering a dress over a skirt, but here you go! The cream lace is gorgeous. :) And, I love 3/4 sleeves!
Ooh, pretty! I wouldn't wear the dress, just because it's a lil' short, but it would be adorable with leggings! I'm not usually a huge fan of this gold color, but she can pull it off! What a FEARLESS combination!

Once again, the length of the skirt, but wouldn't it be totally adorable with leggings?? And, the sweater is very cute. Navy and gold are very chic! And, by the way, I MISS her curly hair....

That. Is. Cute. Can you imagine with some hot pink leggings? Or colored jeans? Adorable. And, I am a major fan of those shoes. Just sayin'.

Okay, this is a dress I would totally buy. But, I'm guessing that it probably cost hundreds of dollars....so I'm not buying it today, y'all! ;) Navy, white, and red...what a perfect combination! This is just so "sailor chic." We could call her Sailor Taylor! :) Love, love, love this piece.
Sorry for all the random pics with random people! ;) I think this outfit would be SO cute with some black leggings under the skirt! (yes, I add leggings to everything!) Modesty issues with Taylor are almost all that the skirts are too short! I would wear most of her outfits...with leggings!

Oh my goodness....those first two are SO cute! Especially the second one...:) I'm not really sure what's going on in the third pic with the front of Tay's dress, but it's pretty from the side!

This. Is. Cute. And. Modest! Navy is gorgeous on her!! It's kind of ironic that she's standing in front of a "RED" background, and she's wearing blue! :)
COWGIRL!! Oh my goodness, I want that shirt! And that purse...and that hat...and those boots too! She looks so....incredibly....cute.

This is an adorable Keds ad! Taylor went with the reverse of the shoes dress! It's just so...adorable. Can you imagine that dress with RED capri leggings?? (I must be going crazy, I've added leggings to everything!) That's all you would need to make this dress modest!

If you want me to do a Taylor Swift fashion post (part 2!) SPEAK NOW or forever hold your peace!

~Digging T-Swizzle's fashion!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Les Miserables Fashion!

Ya know, that title really isn't good...It sounds like I'm talking about "miserable" fashion. :) Instead, I'm talking about fashion from the Les Miserables premiere! :) So...shall we go?

*GACK* *SPUTTER* Woah. Trashbag....or trash bag chic? I vote trash bag...It looks like Anne Hathaway has turned to an all black ensemble with dark red lipstick. The dress wouldn't be so horrible if it...well...oh, never mind. It really is bad....I like her shoes, though! ;)

I like her after party dress MUCH better! The pink is so pretty with her skin. Thankfully, she wiped off that dreadful lipstick!! This dress is plain and simple, but pretty!

That skirt, well, is Ahmazing. The rest of the dress? Hmm. The top either looks like the guts of a clock, or a bad couch! But, isn't her hair cool? I wish I had a stylist! Oh wait....I do! (thanks, Mama!) I'd say, ditch the belt, add a simple pink or aqua top to that dress instead of the gold, and lay off the eyeliner!

As with Anne, I like Amanda's after-party dress better! She looks so good in this dusky purple color! And I like the backed lattice on the front. The ruffles on the shoulders are pretty too! And blinker curls? Oh, yes!

Hmm...Samantha Barks' after party dress would be pretty if she added fabric to the cutout! All it does is show unnecessary skin. (and I think it's truly ugly!) I won't post her premiere dress because of modesty issues!

She really is a kooky lady in real life! Perfect for Mme. Thenardier! I am dearly afraid that if Helena Bonham Carter takes one more step, the front of her dress WILL fall. Not a flattering piece of fabric.

Isabelle Allen looks so cute! That peach/apricot color is beautiful on her! Ruffly sleeves...totally cute! :) Add a little sparkle, and there you have it! :)

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe...posing for a picture? Why isn't Valjean being arrested by Javert?? Oh yeah....this is real life! ;) I like Mr. Jackman's bowtie better than Crowe's because it is lower profile! Oh, and Mr. Crowe, please stick with a goatee!

Eddie Redmayne's rockin' it there in a dark blue suit! Way to be different! Man, he looks skinny....

Well, how has your week been? In a few days....I have a photography post all queued up to show you! :)

Bon Voyage, readers!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Has {almost} Sprung!

Wow....was it March the last time I posted? I need to keep up with this blog better...sorry, everyone! I'm back!! :) Today was about 70 degrees and beautiful! I love the weather we're having here!! I decided that since it was so nice outside today and I had time (and I just did my laundry!) I would pick a new favorite outfit and wear it and take some pictures! Here we go, Fashionistas!! (and I am so sorry I've been AWOL!)

 Here I am wearing my pink lace shirt! I like this one because it has a plain, lined back, which makes it more modest. The lace is soft and not scratchy at all! :) (the best kind, right??)
 Yes, I got braces about 2 months ago! (actually, I have no idea if anyone noticed, so I'm pretending you noticed!) :P I like the pink lace over the black tanktop. It sort of adds another dimension to the outfit.
 I would totally be wearing capris if it hadn't looked gloomy outside this morning....I thought it was cold, but apparently it wasn't!! ;)
 These are my absolute favorite jeans! They are a dark wash with a lighter wash on the thighs. They have white stitching which is really a cool contrast to the dark jean.
 Ah yes....some of my favorite shoes! I love flip-flops...add pink ruffles, and I'm totally happy! :)
 For some reason, I just started to love key necklaces! My Grandma gave me this for Christmas! (thanks, Grandma!!) :) Also, you can see a little of the pink lace detail on my shirt.

Shirt: Kohl's-$11
Tank: Mom's Closet! :)
Jeans: Rue 21-$15
Necklace: Kohl's (gift)
Headband: Who knows where!
Shoes: Charming Charlie-$3

Well, it was good to write again on this blog! I am going to try to do every other week! I might do better with that....I really will try! Promise! :)