Monday, January 14, 2013

The Flight of Time and the Eating of Dessert

Well, the other day, I was just searching my tabs, and suddenly found this blog. I click on it, wondering what it was! It's this colorful fashion and photo blog, and it hasn't been posted on in about 2 months! Horror of horrors! I click on the author, seeing what person did NOT have time to post over Christmas break. The me. I've been so busy guys, and when I do have time to sit down, I find myself  reading a book....or playing Fruit Ninja. No seriously. That game is actually VERY addicting. Especially multiplayer mode! Who knew, right?? Well, I've started some new culinary ventures using Foodies Culinary Academy. It's amazing! I started classes there last Wednesday. It's really inspired my passion for cooking. They have some of the most amazing utensils, and I love the head chef. :) Over the course of Christmas, I believe  I baked at least 5 different kinds of cookies, 2 kinds of cupcakes, a pan of brownies, several mug cakes, and some fudge and candy. I. Love. Dessert. If you couldn't tell....;) You soon may be seeing different clothes for Fashion posts, because I will have gotten much wider and outgrown all of my clothes because of dessert! :) Just kidding....    Speaking of desserts, have any of you ever tried mug cakes? Dee-lish. My brother and sister call them "Nastiness In a Cup" but they have never eaten one. They are truly amazing!! I stumbled across a recipe online for a peanut butter cookie in a cup. I was skeptical at first, since peanut butter is not my first choice, and I didn't know how a cookie in a cup would turn out....but I was adventurous and tried it! Oh. Wow. I added some Nestle Dark Chocolate Chips in the center, then covered it with batter to give it a "Molten Lava" feel. Then I added some mini chocolate chips. YUM! :) Here's the recipe!

                                                    1 T. Butter., 1 T. Peanut Butter
              1 T. Brown Sugar, 1 T. White Sugar, 1 Pinch of salt, 1 Splash of Vanilla, 1 Egg Yolk
                     3 T. Flour, Generous handful of mini chocolate chips, 4 dark chocolate chips

First, melt the butter and the peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until melted, then stir together. Next, add the sugars, the salt, and the vanilla and stir. Then add the yolk. You can either discard the egg white, or save it for something else. Stir that in, and then add the flour and stir again. Next, add the mini chocolate chips, stir them in, and then lastly, place the dark chocolate chips in the center of the cake and cover with batter. Finally, stick the mug with the ingredients in a microwave, cover with paper towel to be safe, and cook for about 45 seconds. You'll want to watch it, and check for doneness at about 30. The cook time depends on the microwave. Finally, either eat the cake out of the mug, or loosen it with a knife and plop it on a plate! Serve with ice cream, if desired! Thank you to No. 2 Pencil for this recipe! :)

Enjoy your mug cake, and be looking for a fashion post tomorrow! Happy cooking! (and eating!!)

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