Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer+Mom's Injury=Crazy Busy!

Hey guys, I am so sorry that I haven't posted in like....9 days! Life has gotten the best of me...:P Again! I've been busy doing other things now that it's summer, and I've been taking care of my mom! :) She's currently recovering pretty well, and is going to OT! The surgeon says she is healing perfectly, which is a huge blessing! :) Thank you for all your sweet prayers and notes throughout these last few weeks!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted my last day of school outfit, but I totally forgot to take pics of it, and I got into my But next time I wear it, I'll take pictures!

In the style of Kelli from I'm doing a "Currently Digging" post! :) Thanks for the idea!

Currently Digging:

Taylor Swift! She basically dominates my iPod! ;)

 Photography! I grabbed this shot early in April! I've always dreamed of getting the shot and I finally got it! :) I added a slight bit of color boost to this, but other than that, everything in this photo is true to life.

White Cheddar popcorn! It's seriously the best snack I can think of...other than chocolate, which leads to....

Cake Pops! I'm making some soon, and YES I will post pictures!

What are you all digging? Happy summer!! :D

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  1. Great Photography! Also, LOVE THE BACKROUND!!!