Friday, May 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Fashion.....

Hey everyone....thank you for all your prayers! My Mom's surgery went REALLY well, but she is in lots of pain still!

I have big news!!! I am officially on summer break! :) I'll have a fashion post for you in the next few days of my last day of school outfit! :) But for now....I decided to find some modest ball gowns to share with you! :)

Cherry red, ruffly, and modest! Wow!! Gorgeous! :)

This is really pretty! I have a dress that has a turquoise silk skirt and then a green overlay! It gives a nice shimmery feel to the dress!

I love the skirt on this one! Plus, boleros are always good! The only thing is that it looks too....shiny, maybe. It looks really glossy.

Sorry this is a bad picture, but isn't this pretty? I just love the bow and the color!
Wow....simple elegance! The silver detail on the bodice and skirt is beeyootiful!

This is so classically cute! And simple! And sunny! And elegant!

You know guys, it only took me 15 minutes to do this post, but even if it had taken me a long time, I HAVE TIME!! I love summer. :)


  1. Lucky! I still have over a month of school left! :(

  2. I'm glad to hear that! I think the second dress is the prettiest.

  3. Hi Alexandra! I love your blog! My name is Melody. :) I love those dresses, and I was looking at one of your previous posts of Taylor Swift! I LOVE her style. I followed, and sorry my two pictures are different. :P Anyways, have a great day!