Monday, November 19, 2012

Culinary Christmas Crazy!

So...I'm trying out this Blogsy app on the we'll see how it works! I've totally been into cooking lately, and for my birthday, I got a BUNCH of cooking accessories, including a Babycakes cupcake maker! It makes 6 snack-size cupcakes at a time and takes about 6 minutes to bake them! Ever since my birthday a week ago, I've made 4 different things in it! I made butter pecan cupcakes for my sister's boyfriend's birthday, triple chocolate ones just for fun, red velvet cupcakes for church, and bacon and egg toast cups for lunch! I've had SOO much fun!! Today my mom and I decided to blast a Carolyn Arends Christmas CD and bake cookies....They are these amazing cookies called Chocolate Snowballs (family recipe!) and they are shortbread cookies with chocolate chips and diced pecans rolled in powdered sugar! :) Mmmmmm..... I will be posting pictures of cupcakes and things soon!! (We'll be baking LOTS of Christmas cookies soon, don't worry!) Well. I'm off to go hang Christmas lights in my room!

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