Monday, October 7, 2013

Tip from the Kitchen!

 Okay, I'm starting a new section on my blog! I call it:Tips from the Kitchen! Enjoy. :)
Well, as an aspiring pastry chef, I finally tried something that could be very useful to me! CHOCOLATE WORK!!

Does this mean I've never worked with chocolate? No! That would be close to a just means that I tried working exclusively with pure chocolate.

So what did I do with chocolate? I melted chocolate chips (which aren't the best to use because of the wax holding their shape) and then I poured them into a piping bag. I decided not to use a tip this time around (though I might use my fine writing tip next time) but I just snipped off the end of the bag and started piping!

Here are instructions for piping chocolate designs: (I piped footballs because of the game yesterday!)

Melt a handful of chocolate in the microwave. (or over a double boiler if you're bored and have a lot of time on your hands!)

While that is melting, get out a cookie sheet and cover it with wax paper. Take the chocolate out of the microwave. It may not be completely melted after 30 seconds. Once you get most of the chocolate melted, take a spoon ad stir it thoroughly. Then, pour it into a pastry bag and snip off the end. Squeeze with even pressure and pipe designs onto the wax paper! Then, once you have piped all the designs on the wax paper, stick the cookie sheet with the chocolate designs on an even surface in the freezer.

Wait 20-30 minutes (30 for best results) and then remove the designs from the freezer. Take the thinnest thing you have in your kitchen (I used my angled spatula, but a butter knife would probably work too) and gently slide it under your chocolate designs. Transfer them onto either cupcakes or whatever you wish to top with them and...VOILA!

Hope you enjoyed this little tip from the kitchen!

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