Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pop Star Prayers

So...I've been thinking about a few people lately, and some things have been weighing heavily on my mind. I've had an idea brewing in my head for a while, and I have finally pinned it down.

Katy Perry used to be a Christian, right? She has a Christian album that was released a while ago under the name Katy Hudson. Now, she's done a complete about face and is the very liberal and worldly pop star that we all know of.

We all have just accepted her as the worldly girl she is now. But shouldn't we as Christians do something other than accept this? We need to be praying  for her! We should pray for her to turn back to God. We need to pray that she will find her way back to God. It is our responsibility to spread the news of the Gospel. We already have a head start on Katy since she used to be a Christian. I've heard a few songs of her on Pandora and she is a talented singer. Her talents could be used for a wonderful purpose in the kingdom of God!

Another star to pray for this week is Miley Cyrus. We all know what's happened to her. Miley - good girl= bad girl. That is who 'she is' now and we've all accepted it as her new persona. But we need to be praying for her in the same way that we should pray for Katy.

Things to pray for:
Salvation for both. Pray that they will come back to Jesus and find light again.

Wise decisions. We should be praying that neither of them does something very irrational that could ruin their lives forever.

Relationships. Miley was engaged to Liam Hemsworth, but that is no more. Katy had an ugly divorce and is still broken from it. Pray that someday they will find true, Christian love. Pray for their future marriages and pray for their future spouses. I will be praying that they will find godly men to lead  them.

What do you think of this new segment? It is easy to write these girls off as products of the culture and famous, good-girl-gone-bad stars. But they are people. They are people just like your sister, your best friend, or your cousin. They need salvation just as much as we do. We are all in need of Jesus' light.

Romans 3:23, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whomsoever believes in him shall not perish but will have eternal life."


  1. This was such an awesome post! I definitely need to pray for them more!

  2. I liked the post, Lexi, and the ideas, but maybe you could focus a little less on Christianity and more on just salvation, which goes with (I'm pretty sure) all religions. Just cause I'm Jewish, and not everyone reading this is Christian. Thanks!

  3. Great view point Lexi. This is very true. We so often forget that God does not see fame and glamor, but sees you, me, Katy, and Miley all as people and His children. And we are called to pray for those around us, our fellow humans in this world, and that inculdes all of the people humanity holds in such famous, and ultimately idolitrous, positions in our culture. So we do need to include people like Katy and Miley even though we may never know who they really are.
    Great job! I'm so excited that God is speaking so specifically to you!

  4. Thank you. I sometimes get so caught up in trying to judge and hating on popular people like Katy and Miley but instead I should really be praying for them.
    I read an article about how Christian people were telling Miley to go to h-e-double-toothpicks but what they should really be doing is telling her that God loves her no matter what.
    Another thing with Miley, it never really seemed that she was really Christian. In the Party in the USA music video she was wearing a relatively low-cut tank top and very short shorts.
    And there I go judging her again.
    Thank you for that reminder.

    ~D. Skye <3

  5. one thing everyone should like about miley is her hair. It is beautifu;