Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dressy+Denim+Knee-high Boots!

Hi everyone,

So....yesterday was church day. We have Saturday night church (which is awesome!) and we are anywhere from shorts and tees to dresses and ties. Our family is the worship band, so we try to dress on the nicer side of things. We still wear jeans sometimes, but with nice shirts. We want to set an example of respect and honor the Lord through our dress during church. This was my outfit from last night!

Sorry for the bad picture, but I took them with my iPhone in the women's bathroom! :P I wore an army green shirt with ruffles that ties in the back. It flows and drapes softly at the bottom. I wore my favorite dark Rue 21 jeans and...
 photo.JPG new black boots! I got these at Kohl's just last Wednesday. They were originally $52, but my mom had a 30% coupon, so I got them for $35. I have a hard time finding tall boots that fit me because I have really skinny legs, so they're all super wide at the top! :P Here's the link to the Kohl's website so you can see a better pic of them.

 My hair is super straight, long, and very blonde (hence the name of the blog!) and so, occasionally, I like to curl it for something different. Several years back we came across these things called Jelly Rollers. You plug them in and they heat up, and then you wrap your hair around them like a normal curler and they snap into place. Once they cool, you take them out and VOILA you have curls! My curls turned out a little crazy, so I flipped them up in a clip. (what you're seeing is about half the length of my hair!)

And then, just for minion iPhone case. :) My brother and I just recently got a phone, and Mom let us each pick out a case, so Noah went for totally black, and I decided to go for a minion. :) I figured since you can't get a real minion, I'd get a case with a minion on it!

Fashion Stats:
Jeans-Rue 21-$15
iPhone case-Ebay-$6

Do any of you guys have Saturday night church? Do you like minions? (please say yes!) ;) Au revoir, fair readers!

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