Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snapshots of Life!

 I just downloaded the photos off my camera after WAY too long of not downloading! And, here are some photos I promised! :) Sorry it's been so long since I did a REAL post! :P Been a lil' busy.

Those three were a few pics I took at sunset around our lake in my neighborhood! I love sunset! (better than sunrise, because you don't have to get up early!!)

Those last 3 photos....CAKE POPS! :D I got a pop decorating kit from my "Aunt" Carrie for my birthday, and then I found another cake pop kit at World Market, and so.....CAKE POPS! :) They were chocolate...dipped in....chocolate! :) The best! I LIKE cake pops!

Christmas baking! 1st pic: Kitchen Aid, iPad with Pandora, ingredients! 2nd Pic: Pandora! 3rd Pic: Recipes! 4th pic:Dough! 5th pic: Dough balls rolled in sugar! 6th pic: Finished cookies! 7th pic: My brother took this one of me....and a spatula on Christmas Eve! The cookies were chocolate peanut butter blossoms!

Random pics of my puppy! He looks like Scrat from Ice Age in the first one! :P

I like taking random pics of the Advent candles on Christmas Eve! We did our Advent devotional by candlelight that night! (We sort of cheated, and my dad used his headlamp to read our book!) ;)

Well, in a few days, I have a fashion post for y'all! What have you been up to in the baking and photography world? Ciao!

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